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Numerous nutraceutical manufacturing companies provide ‘private’ or ‘white label’ services, but at Parkacre we do things differently. We believe in creating longstanding partnerships with our customers taking their businesses to new heights. This makes us the go-to manufacturer for market dominating supplements.

Our 20,000 square foot Innovation Centre serves as a hub for our team of expert scientists to carry out cutting-edge research, experimentation, and development, providing a platform for innovative food supplements.

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Development Path

We offer a bespoke service to develop your custom supplement products.

Our Formulation Scientists have decades of knowledge on developing a high performing product. They will ensure that the product passes all the necessary tests to ensure your food supplement is a market leader in quality and performance.

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1. Custom Formulation

You’ve discussed and developed your idea with your Account Manager, now it’s over to our Product Development Team to deliver the formulation.

They’ll put together all the ingredients including actives and excipients to match your product needs. In this step they’ll also check the proposed formula for safe limits of ingredient inclusion and label claims as laid out by the FSA and EFSA.

2. Bespoke Packaging

Picking the appropriate packaging is an essential step. We’ll help guide you in choosing the most suitable packaging that will maintain the integrity of your product and provide an attractive presentation to your customers.

3. Shelf Life Tests

The shelf life of each product should be determined based on a number of factors including raw material shelf life, packaging formats and storage conditions.

Our scientists will develop a shelf life for your product to be reviewed.

4. Quote Generation

With the formulation and packaging information your Account Manger will provide you with a quote or multiple quotes if you’re developing multiple products.

This accurate manufacturing quote will be generated with your budget in mind.

5. Green Light

Once you’ve given us your confirmation to go ahead with product development we’ll provide you with product specifications and details to ensure we’ve got it perfect!

6. Research and Development

Now the product specifications are confirmed the project can move to the product trial stage.

This will involve trialling the product in our Innovation Centre to review critical parameters e.g. taste, colour and solubility for powder drink blends or heat resistance, consistency and colour for gummies. At this stage we’ll also run machine trials to confirm the formulation runs seamlessly when it’s time to upscale.

Samples can be sent to you so you can experience your own invention!

7. Ready to Launch

Your custom supplement formulation has been perfected and you’ve confirmed the samples are as you expected.

Now it’s time for us to upscale your new product to our high spec cleanroom and for you to start getting your customers excited!

Bespoke Contract Manufacturing

We are the UK’s largest and most highly quality accredited fully integrated contract supplement manufacturer, spanning 15 acres and with an annual capacity of 15 billion tablets, capsules, gummies and soft gels.

Yet, we haven’t lost our human touch. We believe in creating a collaborative partnership to ensure your products are developed to the highest possible standard.

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Quality & Innovation

Our attention to detail doesn’t stop at developing your product. We are in constant review of our manufacturing facility and processes to find areas we can improve our quality standards and provide new and exciting innovative opportunities to our partners.

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Quality & Innovation

Our Products

We provide formulations for a wide range of formats.

  • Gummies
  • Capsules
  • Powder
  • Tablets
  • Softgels

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Our Products

Our Vision

Your products and beyond.

We have global influence and our vision for the future reflects that. Through outstanding quality, innovation, partnerships, home grown and international programs we’re aiming to have a huge positive impact on the supplement industry and more.

Our Vision

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