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Parkacre offer custom gummie formulation trials and testing to create the best gummies on the market. We can manufacture gummies to a variety of flavours, colours and shapes depending on what your trying to achieve with your new gummie!

We have expansive expertise in supplement tablet manufacturing. Whether you need your tablet coated, uncoated, chewable, small or large, round or caplet we can provide to your needs.

We offer a range of capsule supplement options from vegan, clear, and in various sizes. We have invested heavily into our capsule manufacturing capabilities allowing us to meet high volume requests.

Whether its a tasty protein powder drink, impactful pre-workout, healthful greens powder, or something different, our expert scientists will manufacture your powder product to unmatched quality, flavour, and effectiveness.

Softgels are a staple in the supplement industry and at Parkacre we offer multiple softgel solutions to suit your brand.

Take a Look at our Capabilities...

Discover just some of our custom supplement capabilities and example products we can provide in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We have decades of experience in manufacturing protein powder, vitamin tablets, greens powders, plant based proteins and other products.

Chewable Multivitamin

For decades we have been tablet manufacturers so we can give life to your multivitamin tablet and make it a tasty chewable. Great for those that have trouble swallowing or don’t enjoy taking tablets.


Menopause Gummies

As expert gummie manufacturers we can help bring better health and better taste with a menopause gummie. A must have addition to your health and wellbeing range.

Electrolyte Powders

A booming trend that’s here to stay. We can provide a great tasting, mixing and effective hydration product for your brand.

Probiotic Capsule

We have large capacity as a capsule supplement manufacturer. One of our most popular products are probiotics providing gut health formulations to leading brands.

Lions Mane Brain Fuel

Everyone is talking about Lions Mane, with us you could be developing the next disruptive mushroom based nootropic!

Protein Powder

We’re longstanding protein powder manufacturers. We can develop your protein be it whey or plant based to be market leading!

Image shows that Parkacre offer powder supplement manufacturing.

Greens Powder

We’ve been a greens powder manufacturer for as long as we can remember, developing impactful products for the industry’s big brands. Looking to have a greens product yourself? Enquire today!

Image shows that Parkacre offer powder supplement manufacturing.

Packaging Formats

Once your product has been expertly formulated, its time to add your spark with the perfect packaging option from our wide selection.

We can provide pouches, tubs, bottles, blisters and boxes, along with recyclable options. Whatever your product and brand suits we have the in-house capability to bring it to life.


Market Segments

Want to know if we can provide you the products you need?

Whether it’s a trending electrolyte product, your first venture into the mushroom nootropics, or a cardiovascular health product, we have the team to guide and bring your vision to life. Discover more on the market segments we have expertise in here.


Ingredient Categories

At Parkacre, we’re continuously committed to providing the highest quality and most on trend ingredients to our partners. With in-house market researchers, quality and regulation experts, and nutritionists we provide the best ingredients that you and your customers are looking for.


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