Stick Pack Manufacturing Service now available

At Parkacre we continually look for solutions which will benefit our customers enabling us to provide a superior service.

In doing so, we have added a new packaging machine which will increase our ability to meet elevated demand.

The new machine is a fully-automated vertical packaging system. This system is capable of forming 150 cc (max) packaging bags, filling products and giving completely air-tight and highly presentable sealing.

The packaging material that is in the form of flat film is formed into a packaging bag using a bag former. The foil pack is then sealed by heat conducted through sealing jaws. Prior to the bag being completely sealed, product is filled into the stick pack. After filling and sealing, the cutter attached to one of the horizontal sealing jaws cuts at the upper sealing of the filled and sealed stick pack.

Technical Specification:

Product: Powder or Granulate
Contour of bag: Pillow bag
Speed: 100 bags/ per minute
Dosage: Volumetric
Accuracy: +/- 5%
Film Size Width: Min 50mm, Max 200mm
Film Size Length: Min 50mm, Max 150mm
Film Thickness: 35 – 80 Micron
Inner film reel diameter: 75mm
Outer film reel diameter: 300mm (Max)
Mass: 350kg

With the high standards set by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Parkacre reaches all levels of production from material, premises, training, hygiene and equipment. As a highly respected manufacturer in the Nutraceutical industry we endeavour to provide alternative solutions to meet your needs.


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