Parkacre win Environmental / Sustainable Business of the Year at Lincolnshire Business Excellence Awards

Parkacre has been awarded the Environmental/Sustainable Business of the Year Award at the Lincolnshire Business Excellence Awards 2023. Organised by Stonebow Media, this event, held on May 26 at The Engine Shed in Lincoln, recognised Parkacre for its exceptional commitment to sustainability. From utilising renewable energy sources to implementing waste-to-energy strategies, we have successfully reduced our carbon footprint while emphasising the importance of recyclable and glass packaging. Furthermore, Parkacre prioritises the growth and development of its employees, promoting in-house training and flexible work environments.

We understand the need to address environmental concerns and actively take measures to reduce our impact on the planet. By powering our manufacturing facilities with 100% renewable energy sources, Parkacre significantly decreases its carbon emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change. This proactive approach to energy consumption sets a standard for other businesses to follow.

Parkacre has implemented a waste-to-energy strategy. This innovative approach involves converting waste materials generated during the manufacturing process into usable energy. By utilising this strategy effectively, Parkacre minimises waste production and simultaneously harnesses the energy potential of its by-products. This not only reduces landfill waste but also supports our sustainability goals.

Parkacre demonstrates its commitment to reducing plastic waste through its transition to recyclable and glass packaging. By opting for alternatives to traditional single-use plastics, the company actively mitigates the negative impact of non-biodegradable packaging materials on the environment.

While Parkacre actively focuses on environmental sustainability, we also prioritises the growth and development of our employees. We foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement by providing in-house training programs. This enables our employees to enhance their skills and expertise, benefiting both the individuals and the organisation as a whole. Furthermore, Parkacre embraces flexible work environments, supporting a healthy work-life balance and empowering its workforce to thrive.

Parkacre’s accomplishments in environmental sustainability have earned us the title of Environmental/Sustainable Business of the Year. Our commitment to renewable energy, waste-to-energy conversion, recyclable packaging, and employee development sets a high standard for businesses worldwide. Parkacre’s holistic approach not only benefits the company and its employees but also contributes to the global effort of creating a more sustainable future.



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