Parkacre attends Nutrition Integrates 2014

On the 5th June Parkacre was invited to represent manufacturers in the Nutraceuticals industry at the Nutrition Integrates conference in London. It involved a number of high profile experts in the industry which specialise in nutrition, health and wellness.

This was the first of its kind and the feedback received was very positive not only for Parkacre but the industry as a whole. The Conference was used as a platform to educate businesses and inspire them to push the boundaries and be more innovative.

As a well-respected contract manufacturer, we believe it is our duty to support the industry in promoting fair trade while protecting customers and allowing them to make informed decisions.

One of the speakers at the conference was Parkacre’s Eric Hilton (Business Strategy), a recognised expert in the Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical sector. He comments; “It was an honour for Parkacre to be invited to run one of the sessions and also be allocated exhibition space. To be in the same company as leading nutritional experts and lead the debate was fantastic. Our discussions flowed and the debate on issues was topical, especially the session looking at the labelling for nutrition. Sitting alongside me was a Panel consisting of the head of Boots Nutrition, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the head of Nutrition for Morrison’s Retail. This set up the rest of the day’s workshop discussions for professional and motivational debates. There are a number of immediate challenges we face but the most important for us is addressing our consumer’s needs which are continually changing. We endeavour to provide the best advice possible and adapt to these changing needs by providing the most advanced products on the market.”

Parkacre continue to collaborate with the experts, organisations and industry bodies we have met at Nutrition Integrates 2014. These relationships will help to introduce new strategies in order to deliver more innovative nutrition in the industry.


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