Parkacre Attend Nutrition Integrates 2015

Parkacre attended the Nutrition Integrates 2015 event this month as well as being gold sponsors for the event, sharing their knowledge on the future of medical and sports nutrition with industry experts.

The annual conference made its debut last year and provides a space for leaders from the fields of nutrition, food and health to discuss their areas of expertise and enhance current debate on healthcare issues like obesity and malnutrition.

This year’s panel event looked at ways the nutrition sector can encourage a ‘lifespan of health’ that starts at the manufacturer, leads through to healthcare practitioners and ends at the consumer. Parkacre used this distinguished space to highlight some of the challenges the industry is predicted to face in the future and how its team prepares to overcome them with new generation products.

Micronutrient malnutrition, a condition that affects over 2 billion people worldwide, was one of the issues discussed during the day’s conferences, with food fortification and biofortification highlighted as possible solutions to this global issue.

Attendees were made aware that staple crops containing pro-vitamin A, iron, and zinc are already on the rise in Africa, Latin America and Asia, suggesting that fortification could be a cost-effective future move to meeting the challenges of malnutrition and beating the diseases it creates.

Eric Hilton, VP Business Strategy at Parkacre, said: “We see enormous potential in disease targeted nutrition, and focus our efforts on improving clinical outcomes by helping to delay the progression of potential disease.”

The future of combination therapies that incorporate nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical treatments was also discussed as possible areas of growth for the nutraceutical industry. The increased effectiveness of osteoporosis drugs when taken in combination with vitamin D and calcium was mentioned as a current example.

Over 40 speakers and 150 senior executives attended the event, providing a huge networking opportunity for industry leaders covering topics like new product development, cognitive health, sustainability and weight management under the central theme of ‘Working Together for a Healthier Europe’.


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