How Tablets Are Made

The vitamin, mineral and supplement industry has many different formats in which food supplements can be administered. We will be looking at how tablet supplements are made from the initial stages of sourcing ingredients to manufacturing a finished product.

What are tablets?

Tablets are solid dosage forms that undergo an intricate process to come to life. We make our tablets using a method called ‘direct compression’, where raw materials are carefully compressed into various sizes. We can manufacture tablets to be coated, uncoated or chewable, depending on the specific combination of active and inactive ingredients, as well as their densities and compressibility.

How are tablets made?

The process of manufacturing tablets begins with sourcing raw materials from our trusted supply partners. Maintaining a stringent focus on quality control is essential, that’s why all of our raw materials undergo quality testing. Its only after successfully passing these tests that the materials receive approval for the manufacturing phase.

Following the approval of raw materials we then add the product ingredients into our blending machinery. The blending stage ensures the consistency of the blend is perfect before advancing to our tablet press.

Using the ‘direct compression’ method, our tablet press uses upper and lower punches to compact the powder blend into tablet form. We then collect the tablets for dedusting and extra processing. In instances where further processing like coating is required, the product transitions to our specialised coating machine for completion.

What We Offer

In our manufacturing process of tablets, we offer a wide range of tablet sizes and shapes from round to caplet, with the flexibility to include break lines if needed.

Our impressive tablet coating machines means we excel in providing customers with diverse coating options like clear, white, natural colours, synthetic colours, enteric coating, and even flavouring, ensuring the final product meets the desired specifications.

We have the capability to produce chewable tablets that are manufactured to be softer in texture and use different excipients to improve mouth feel. These are ideal for consumers who struggle to swallow tablets.

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