Fitness Trends for 2015

Fitness is always high on the agenda at the start of a new year so you may experience an influx of business as customers purchase products to supplement their new exercise regimes.

So which fitness trends should you be aware of this January? Here’s our prediction:

Weight training and bodyweight training

The appeal of resistance training with dumbbells and weights will continue on into 2015 – perfect for boosting muscle growth and definition, creating a leaner silhouette, burning calories and increasing the metabolic rate, it’s an evergreen form of exercise. However, bodyweight training, where the body itself is used as resistance instead of heavy equipment, is also set to increase in popularity simply because it can be done anywhere without extra weights.

Provide your customers with Power Whey Protein powder from the XFN range, which is ideal for enhancing endurance, increasing muscle size and supporting recovery after intense forms of resistance training. Stock dietary supplements like Amino BCAA Pro to encourage muscle repair and help consumers retain their new muscle mass.

Social workouts

Motivational exercise tools and trackers that can be downloaded onto wearable technologies and phones are set to make an even bigger impact this year. Sharing workout results immediately via social media will create competition and push people forward to train harder. Tracking a friend’s exercise footprint will be super easy, allowing best buddies to compete with each other online even when they can’t train together. Customers may be looking for a solution to combating fatigue and increasing their endurance – recommend Testero NTSHO, which is ideal for boosting testosterone levels and has a rapid-acting formula.

High intensity interval training (HIIT)

The HIIT workout involves a repeated pattern of short bursts of intense activity, such as running, cycling or skipping, followed by a brief period of rest. This technique is believed to burn more calories than a sustained hour of traditional aerobic exercise and the only equipment required is a timer or a watch. And thanks to the upcoming launch of wearable technology, like the Apple Watch (or iWatch), maintaining and recording a training routine will be that much easier. Creatine Hybrid Matrix is excellent for customers who want to improve their cardio performance and boost ATP levels.

Food fads: Bulletproof coffee, matcha tea and aloe vera

A blend of coffee, butter and oil, bulletproof coffee is the newest beverage to hit the food and fitness scene. It’s believed to help you feel fuller for longer and release energy steadily throughout the day. Matcha tea, hailed as the ‘next green tea’ will also make its mark on the food and nutrition market as people wake up to its health benefits. Containing more antioxidants and less caffeine than a traditional green tea, matcha increases alertness and reduces fatigue. It can also be added to salad and soups or used as a topping on yoghurt and fruit.

Order the right supplements to be prepared for every fitness trend that’s set to be popular among consumers this year. Stocking up on a range of products will guarantee that you’ll always have something useful to recommend to every variety of fitness enthusiast.


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