Case Studies


We were approached by a company entering the competitive food supplement industry with a vision to introduce unique and innovative gummie products both online and in high street stores.

They did not have a formulation but did have a set of key ingredients they wished to incorporate into their product. Our team of expert scientists developed a product formulation that precisely aligned with their vision.

By closely collaborating and integrating their branding elements, we curated a flavour profile and mouth feel that not only catered to their brand identity but also appealed to their target market. Beyond formulation, we delved into custom packaging, devising a unique packaging format that set their brand apart in a saturated market landscape whilst showing off their new colourful gummies.

Our partnership resulted in the product swiftly becoming a standout gummie supplement brand and within the wider industry, successfully retailing both online and in-stores nationwide and worldwide. The success story didn’t end there as we extended our partnership to explore new market segments within the industry, each venturing into untapped potential and delivering remarkable success stories.



One of our international customers had a history of successful product lines which we manufactured. Using our market research data, we proposed a new product line under a fresh brand name to boost their market share and increase their brand portfolio.

Upon pitching the idea, the customer was immediately intrigued and engaged in discussing the final formulations, product formats and packaging.

After providing their new artwork, we swiftly moved into production for the new product line. Following manufacturing, the products were distributed overseas where they were set to hit the market.

Feedback from our customer revealed that their customers were pleased with the new branded products, leading to a follow-up order being placed. This case illustrates our commitment to collaborative partnerships that drive mutual growth and success.



A leading UK retailer – with the aid of Parkacre – analysed their current own line VMS offerings. We found that when compared to their competitors, they had large gaps in their line, gaps that if filled would significantly boost their supplement line performance and share in the market.

With this information, we suggested particular products, formulations and packaging that would close the gap to their competition whilst paying close attention to overall costs. Once both parties agreed on the future direction of products, we got to work developing samples and artwork.

The supplement samples were a great success with some tweaks needed to artwork. When the products were approved, we upscaled them to our award-winning manufacturing facility, before being packaged and labelled in house ready for delivery!

Working in this collaborative manner, a strong partnership was forged between Parkacre, and this customer bolstered by the successes of the new supplement lines which saw great pickup and recurrent sales.



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